Friday, 30 September 2011

New Techniques i've learnt in Photoshop

Today i've learnt several new skills and techniques in photoshop for example i've learnt how to create 3D text and create a realisic rain effect. I also learnt several useful shotcuts to enable me to work faster. All of the useful skills and techniques i've leant will aid me when I create future projects.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Mobile Operating Systems

Today I have learnt about the various Mobile OS's and what features each one has and hasn't. The three OS's which stood out were the I-Phone OS , Blackberry OS and the android OS. In terms of being the most secure the IOS was the best because although it lacks customization and it's that restriction which maximizes the secruity.

The android OS was also very good because it's mostly Open-Sourced and enables users to customize applications as much as they want although this also means that the android OS is less secure as I also learnt that 1 in 5 of the apps has secruity holes.

The Blackberry OS had some useful features a few years ago but now those features have pretty much been perfected by apple.  One of strong features of the Blackberry OS was the instant messaging service which was a very popular service at one point.

The Windows Mobile OS is an emerging OS which has not yet become popular but does implement many of the features of the other OS's

The Symbian OS is very popular amongst cheaper phones and can be found on all Nokia phones. The Symbian OS has very limited features and would likely only include features such as Calender. Research have shown that most people dont know Symbian is even on their phone.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

AS2 Flash Alien

Today I created an animated alien which performs multiple movements such as both of the eyes to move as well the arms and legs. All of these tweens were done in a single layer using a technique called "Nesting."

 I also enabled the alien to slowly fade away. This was done by implementing my own code into a frame, another piece of code which I learnt today was to ability to make the alien follow the mouse cursor.

This was very usful to learn as this piece of code can easily be implemented when creating games or  flash websites