Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My DAZ3D Renders And Thoughts On How It May Develop.

For the past few weeks I have been testing out a piece of software called "DAZ3D" which enables the user render 3D scenes. DAZ3D enables you to import pre-made 3D models such as characters and scenes as well as 3D environments. The software also enables you to import any 3D model you may of created with other software such as 3DSMAX.

 Here are some renders I have created:

For this render I was able to use another piece of software to map the face of the actress which I could then import into DAZ3D. This mapping process required me to find an image of the actress facing forward and then facing side ways this way the software was able to get a relatively good map of the face and the shape of the head. 

Once the head was correctly mapped I could then use the same software to change the models facial expressions. Which is basically a process done during the development of games as seen in the image below; however the process is much more complex than the method I learnt.

This kind of  gets me thinking that maybe one day this would be the mainstream use of actors and possibly 22nd century cinema may just consist of 3D generated characters as the development process would likely take less and less time as technology develops.

During the design process while using  the software I have learnt the importance of basic camera techniques and the importance of space and lighting while filming/ rendering. In 3D modeling, lighting can mean the difference between a really good  render and a poor render as I've found you can achieve the most detail on your models with the correct use of lighting. 

I've also discovered the importance of camera shots as poor choice of shot can result in your background not being complemented, that is why I used a wide shot on the dragon render. However using wide/long range shots can result in a lose of emphasis on a character as-well as loss in detail on characters that I why I used a portrait shot on the character close ups.

Channel Project Progress

My production group been story boarding how we want our videos to play out and we have chosen a retro 1950's style to our video however we will be promoting futuristic products which adds an interesting twist to the videos. We are going to have someone dress up as a Doctor and the doctor would talk about the various treatments and products our brand offers, we will also include animated sequences which will be used as illustrations to help the audience understand the products and treatments. We have designed some 3D models of our product which will be used in the video and possibly in a 3D viewer on the website.

Product & Treatment idea #3

Treatment 3:

Name of Treatment: Antibacterial Skin Augmentation

Antibacterial is a chemical agent which kills or prevents the growth of harmful bacteria, Augmentation means to add to and improve an existing thing.


This treatment enables your skin to remove any harmful bacteria living externally on your skin. This treatment will prevent many of the common issues associated with the build-up of bacteria, such as spots and bad body odor.

Science Behind It

The skin is surgically coated with an antibacterial agent with immediately fights harmful bacteria.

Why we need this treatment?

This treatment is designed for athletes as the build-up of bacteria can pose multiple health issues such as athletes foot, it can also be given to doctors and chefs as it’s important in their profession that they don’t transfer harmful bacteria.

Product & Treatment idea # 2

Product 2:

Name of Treatment: Augmented-Respiration

“Augmented” means to add to or to improve an existing thing, “Respiration” means to pass air or water through respiratory organs and is another word for “Breathing”.


This treatment gives the individual mechanical gills enabling you to breath underwater much like a fish. The treatment also lowers your base body temperature enabling energy absorbed by food (possible side product) to be used to regulate a constant body temperature while underwater.

Science Behind It

The gills enable the human lungs to absorb oxygen gas (o2) instead of H2o resulting in the lungs being able to extract enough oxygen while underwater to function safely.

Why we need this treatment?

This treatment is designed for the possible futuristic scenario where the world has become overpopulated and people are now living beneath the sea. This treatment basically makes this feasible.

Product & Treatment idea #1

Product 1:

Name of Treatment: Nycto- elucidate

Nycto is the greek for night or dankness and elucidate means to illuminate or clarify


This treatment rapidly decreases the time taken for your eyes to adapt to darkness as well as greatly increasing visual resolution (Visual Clarity).

Scenario it’s Designed For:

This treatment is targeted at people who work during the night or work in dark environments.

Science Behind It:

This treatment rapidly decreases the time taken for your eyes to increase its cone cell sensitivity and level off. This treatment also simultaneously decreases the time taken for the rod cells to begin to adapt to darkness. At higher light levels they are inactive and cones determine threshold. As time passes, they increase sensitivity. Naturally it can take around 45 minutes for your eyes to adapt to darkness however this treatment rapidly decreases this time. Visual clarity is increased by reflecting direct light.

Why we need this treatment?

Twilight is a common time for outdoor accidents. Contrast sensitivity declines rapidly as the eye moves to mesopic operation. The sun is still providing both foreground and background illumination, so artificial light sources, such as car headlamps are less effective. In addition, visual skills, such as reaction time, fall rapidly (Campbell, Rothwell and Perry, 1987).

Rich Media Channel Project

For the past two weeks me and my production group have started designing ideas for a futuristic web channel. During our initial meeting we collectively agreed that our channel should be about "Health". During our one day project we brainstormed potential brand ideas for example out very first idea was to make a brand which focused on futuristic cosmetic surgery as it's likely that stem cell research in the future would enable thing such as skin transplants etc. We pitched this concept during our initial presentation and was able to give our brand a name and logo.
We decided to go with the name "Facade" as the brand values very much matched the meaning of the word, Facade means to disguise or a deceptive appearance.

After the initial one day project as a group we distributed various roles and tasks to do until we next meet as a group. I was tasked with developing ideas for the actual treatments and products as the group collectively agreed that we should change our brand so that our treatments are not about "fashion" but rather about providing improvements to the human body to suit scenarios much like a Chameleon would hence the look of the logo.