Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Rich Media Channel Project

For the past two weeks me and my production group have started designing ideas for a futuristic web channel. During our initial meeting we collectively agreed that our channel should be about "Health". During our one day project we brainstormed potential brand ideas for example out very first idea was to make a brand which focused on futuristic cosmetic surgery as it's likely that stem cell research in the future would enable thing such as skin transplants etc. We pitched this concept during our initial presentation and was able to give our brand a name and logo.
We decided to go with the name "Facade" as the brand values very much matched the meaning of the word, Facade means to disguise or a deceptive appearance.

After the initial one day project as a group we distributed various roles and tasks to do until we next meet as a group. I was tasked with developing ideas for the actual treatments and products as the group collectively agreed that we should change our brand so that our treatments are not about "fashion" but rather about providing improvements to the human body to suit scenarios much like a Chameleon would hence the look of the logo.   

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