Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Product & Treatment idea #1

Product 1:

Name of Treatment: Nycto- elucidate

Nycto is the greek for night or dankness and elucidate means to illuminate or clarify


This treatment rapidly decreases the time taken for your eyes to adapt to darkness as well as greatly increasing visual resolution (Visual Clarity).

Scenario it’s Designed For:

This treatment is targeted at people who work during the night or work in dark environments.

Science Behind It:

This treatment rapidly decreases the time taken for your eyes to increase its cone cell sensitivity and level off. This treatment also simultaneously decreases the time taken for the rod cells to begin to adapt to darkness. At higher light levels they are inactive and cones determine threshold. As time passes, they increase sensitivity. Naturally it can take around 45 minutes for your eyes to adapt to darkness however this treatment rapidly decreases this time. Visual clarity is increased by reflecting direct light.

Why we need this treatment?

Twilight is a common time for outdoor accidents. Contrast sensitivity declines rapidly as the eye moves to mesopic operation. The sun is still providing both foreground and background illumination, so artificial light sources, such as car headlamps are less effective. In addition, visual skills, such as reaction time, fall rapidly (Campbell, Rothwell and Perry, 1987).

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