Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Product & Treatment idea # 2

Product 2:

Name of Treatment: Augmented-Respiration

“Augmented” means to add to or to improve an existing thing, “Respiration” means to pass air or water through respiratory organs and is another word for “Breathing”.


This treatment gives the individual mechanical gills enabling you to breath underwater much like a fish. The treatment also lowers your base body temperature enabling energy absorbed by food (possible side product) to be used to regulate a constant body temperature while underwater.

Science Behind It

The gills enable the human lungs to absorb oxygen gas (o2) instead of H2o resulting in the lungs being able to extract enough oxygen while underwater to function safely.

Why we need this treatment?

This treatment is designed for the possible futuristic scenario where the world has become overpopulated and people are now living beneath the sea. This treatment basically makes this feasible.

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