Thursday, 19 December 2013

Review Of Personal Development

Since the time I was at college and the time I've been at University I've been able to develop my technical skills in particular in web design. I believe I have an intermediate knowledge of of all of the programs in the Adobe suite and have often collaboratively used these programs in projects. While I've been at university I have been able to develop my knowledge in coding languages such as HTML5 and CSS, this knowledge will be significantly important especially when I've completed the course and looking for professional work. I've learnt that its not primarily technical skills which employers seek its instead critical thinking skills which they are interested in, this is because technical skills can be learnt and especially in the media industry you are always required to update your technical skills as technology develops. Critical thinking skills is a state of mind and isn't so easily learnt, it is a skill which employers will search for in an interview process.

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