Sunday, 1 December 2013

Portfolio Website Progress

I'm currently tasked with creating a portfolio website which I can add work to throughout my time at university. I'm currently designing my website so that it appeals to employers so I've designed it quite formally while at the same time trying to showcase my work and skills.
I have currently implemented the navigation and logo onto the site as well as a dynamic background. I developed the dynamic backgrounds in Adobe After Effects and I've coded the HTML so that it redirects the user to another page once the video is complete, this makes the website appear more fluid than if it was a static website.

The reason I wanted to implement dynamically moving text is because if I just displayed the text as static it would look rather boring in my opinion so having having the promotional text on the home page as a video makes it more interesting and therefore it's more likely to be read by the audience.

I wish to utilize a form of typography in my website which I learnt about in one of my Concept & Idealization seminars. Although it's more of a traditional form of design it's a more interesting way of displaying information in a website. 

One of the problems which has arisen during  the development of my website has been when I tried to publish some of the work I've done in flash, this may cause some compatability problems when the website is viewed on mobile devices. However I have been able to program my website so that an image will replace any flash elements if no flash player is detected.

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