Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Fire Kills project

Our second project I was assigned at my time at university was a another presentation where I had to generate some ideas for ways in which we could promote a fire kills campaign. On the brief it specified that we needed to express various important factors such as; Planning an alternate exit, finding keys and not obstructing fire exits.

These important factors greatly influenced the design of our campaign. We initially conducted some research into other similar campaigns such as the "Think!" and anti-smoking campaigns which gave us an insight into effective ways of convey a powerful message. 

I started designing some posters for our campaign which focused on educating people on the risks of fires during the Xmas period. The reason we chose Xmas was because we are currently in the Xmas period and after finding some interesting statistics relating to Xmas tree fires we thought it would be appropriate.

The other part of our campaign was an interactive youtube game which had the aim of educating people on the important factors stated in the brief.
The setting for youtube game would be a student flat and a fire has just started in a section of the flat, the user is required to make decisions on what to do, for example the initial video would prompt the user to either run to the other side of the flat or try and exit through the fire exit (which would be obstructed).
We have designed the interactive game to not be insurmountable as we thought this would educate users more effectively. We would hope that having the game as insurmountable would result in the user thinking about the circumstances which resulted in you not being able to escape.

The reason we chose a interactive YouTube game is because YouTube can pretty much be viewed on all mobile devices enabling our campaign to reach a very wide audience. 

Overall I was happy with how our presentation went however it could of possibly been better if we had designed a functioning prototype of our YouTube game which may of enabled our audience to understand our idea better. 

I believe the presentation was well structured and we clearly explained the research we had undertaken and explained how that influenced our final design.

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