Monday, 3 October 2011

Game Scripting

Today I learnt about the role of a game scripter. The role of a game scripter is to produce a script for the game which basically outlines what happens at different stages of the game. A programmer will initially create a program which has a easier interface in which the scripter can produce levels in the game. In the video which we watched an employee explained that you would likely start off creating basic levels for a game and once you have expressed your imagination & skills you will be promoted to having more critical roles in the design process.  One of the key attributes you require to be successful in this role is being able to communicate effectively to your team so that you can express your ideas effectively to your team so that they share your Enthusiasm. When creating my level for mario using the editor I learnt the importance of saving in certain formats and file sizes. I also learnt how to edit existing images so that I can edit them to what I want. I did encouter a number of errors which were caused by coding the level incorrectly. I was able to link levels together which progessively increased in difficulty. I did in a few cases need to edit my created level so that it can be completed as in a few cases my level was impossible to complete. Regular testing is an important process which needs to be conducted in regualr intervals to ensure it works correctly.

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