Friday, 13 January 2012

Youtube Interactive Game Anaysis

Introduction: Youtube has acted as a platform in which you can upload interactive games the interactive features which I have seen in my research include simple decision making box choices and Quick time events which require the viewer to click a section of the screen within a certain time progress.

Game 1: The Time Machine: A Chad,Matt & Rob Interactive Adventure!

In this Interactive game the goal of the game is to get the main characters to a meeting without dying. The game includes a number of decision making events which occur frequently. Choosing the wrong decision would result in a "Game Over". You would then have a choice to retry the game. The storyline of the game is quite gripping so it is very likely that a viewer would keep replaying a video until they have completed it. Some ways in which this game could be better would be to implement different interact features such as quick time events which would require the user to always needing to be aware of unexpected quick time events.


In this game your goal is to correctly guess the killer from a selection of characters which get interviewed in the process of the initial video. I think the idea for the game is really good but I would of added more depth to the game such as the implementation of clues which can be clicked on which reveal an additional piece of information. This type of game could then be adapted into a series with different murders and events.

Game 3: Bboy Joker

This game is all done in animation and the goal of the game is basically to remember a sequence of the letters which then perform dance moves. The game progressively gets harder as you are required to remember more letters. The game doesn't really have much replay value and I personally wouldn't play the game more than once. The game has some cool effects with the figures and I expect the production of the game took a great deal of time.

Game 4: 2010 Shooting Range Game (Interactive)

This game is pretty much a trivia game where you get asked questions about various events ,TV shows which were relevant in 2010. The game is better than the typical trivia game because it has cool effects and transitions. The game lack questions as each topic only has 1 question. I would of added more questions to this game as the lack of questions results in the game not holding my interest for very long.

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