Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Reflective Analysis

The game which I was tasked to make for an Interactive YouTube games was something which was similar to LA Noire or Cludeo. Our group's initial idea for the game was to have a classic Cludeo game which consisted of having videos of every suspect in every murder location with every weapon which when we quickly discarded due to the amount of video clips which would of needed to be produced. We then conducted some research into what other people on Youtube had done and we came across one interactive game which had the same theme of the game which we would like to make but the interactivity didn't really work well. We then looked at video clips of a game called LA Noire which consists of analysing a person's body language to determine if someone is lying or not. We then designed a site map which would be a link draft of the interactivity in the video. We concluded that this was a feasible game to make so we began production on our LA Noire style game. We began creating storyboards and scripts as we wanted to film as soon as possible.

This process took a lot longer than I initially thought as group members didn't complete their given tasks by the time I had designated on the schedule. This resulted in use falling way behind so it resulted in me having to do the scripts myself. Once I had completed all the scripts for all the characters the next college day we were able to film all the scenes successfully. During the filming stage of the project everyone did very well and actually went better than I was thinking. Once we had filmed everything the editor in the group was tasked with editing all of the video and adding effects such adding grey scale and annotations. Once he had completed all of the editing I printed off a version of the original site map so that he knew what videos linked together which then resulted in him being able to upload the whole game to YouTube.

One of the resources which I used when producing the documentation for our game was Adobe Story. Adobe Story was a great resource to use as it enabled me to create scripts and character bios professionally as it provided a template for the type of document I needed. One thing I would of done differently would be get all the group members using Adobe Story as the program has a feature which enables sharing of a project so I would shared the project with group members so that everyone can contribute to every part of the documentation.

The location which we filmed in wasn't our first option as we did plan to film in the TV studio but we had to relocate to another classroom. This location did kind of meet the specification of the original location but because some parts of the room didn’t really fit with the theme of the video then we weren’t able to use different angles in our shots.
This was a result of not keeping on schedule. One thing which I think hindered the project was the roles I designated to each group member because I don’t think some of the group members liked their role in the group and would of preferred another role. I did end up doing most of the documentation and the other members of the group just ended up doing one task. This lack of efficient management will likely hinder the final grade for the project.

Another element of the project which hindered the development of the task was initially someone else was designated as the leader of the group but after consistent absence I was designated the new team leader which is a role I'm not very experienced at.

During the time we were missing our original team leader we didn't have much enthusiasm on the project in general so that would of likely been a factor which hindered the production of work by the other team members.
When the former team leader joined the group again two weeks from deadline work started getting done for example the storyboard got done and they continued working on their version of the script even though we decided to use the script I wrote on the day of filming.

When I produced the background research for our game I didn't share the research that I had obtained with the team members as much as I should of because when I asked other team members to do documentation such as the recce or storyboard they weren't sure what to write.

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