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Digital Communication Techniques

Digital Communication Techniques


There are a very large quantity of different communication techniques which have been developed thanks to the various communication technologies available today such as Wi-Fi, blue-tooth, 3G and 4G. The introduction of instant messaging enables you to have conversations in real-time which are a much broader form of social-messaging than basically using email. Many mobile manufactures identified how popular instant messaging services such as MSN were and implemented their own instant messaging service in their new models. The introduction of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook serve as a platform for people to communicate with people as well as place where you can upload content such photos and videos for your “Friends” to view. Social networking sites such as Facebook does have an instant messaging service available so that you can communicate with your friends if they are currently online.

Video Conferencing

Digital video conferencing is a very useful service which enables people to conduct an interactive video conference where all the users are in different locations. An example of when this communication technique would be used would be if a large business wanted to have a board meeting and the board members are located all around the world then video conferencing would likely be used. Software such as GoToMeeting enables users to view the desktop of any computer in the conference and designate who you want to gain control of the mouse & keyboard. This software also has HD video conferencing which means it’s compatible with high-quality webcams.

Once a video conference has been completed you can then review the meeting and document the attendance. It’s likely that some form of digital conferencing will be implemented in most businesses and could be used in the future as a form of “Home Tutoring”.

Instant Messaging

As I stated in the introduction instant messaging is a digital communication technique which enables people to communicate digitally in real-time by sending text messages aswell as media files through a network. Popular instant messaging services include AOL Messenger and MSN messenger. There are many benefits of instant messaging although there are also some disadvantages as it can be used as a platform to send malicious software such as trojans and viruses to other people’s computers.

Windows Live Messenger has a very user-friendly interface which ultimately enables it to be used very easily by novice users. Step by step tutorial below:

1: Open Windows Live Messenger

2: Type in your E-mail Address & password in the required fields.

3: Messenger will then display “Signing in”
(The speed of this process is dependent on your network speed)

4: The interface will then display all of your friends & contacts in a list as seen below. Online contacts are identified by the green box found next to them while offline contacts are identified by having a grey box found next to them.

5: The way in which you initialize a conversation with a client is by double clicking on their display name.

In pretty much 5 easy steps users are able to communicate with their friends thanks to the design of the user friendly interface. The risks of making a program with such as user-friendly interface is that it sometimes hinders the implementation of new features but the way Live Messenger has maximized features is by linking itself to Facebook for example right clicking on someone’s display name on the Contact listings will display various options such as “View Photos” & “View Profile” which basically opens an external link to Facebook.

Web 2.0 Communities

Communication techniques such as blogs, wikis and forums enable users to write large articles on any topic they choose. The creation of a personal blog is mostly free so it enables users to create a personal blog which you can pretty much fully customize. Users can import media such as video and photos and integrate them into their articles. Some of the uses of a blog would be to use it to produce a digital portfolio. In my own experience creating a blog is very easy but maintaining a blog with regular content is quite hard. Sites such as “Blogger” enable you to create a blog for free and only require the user to sign in with their “Google ID”. Blogs also enable a user to import or create HTML into their pages which enables the implementation of gadgets, external links and integration of third-party software.

Blogger Video Tutorial

Social Networking

Probably the most popular social networking site on the web is “Facebook”. As I stated in the tutorial it acts as a platform for people to communicate. Facebook has about 800 million active users and each user has an average of 130 friends. Facebook also has an integrated
instant-messenger which enables users to communicate with online friends in real-time.

Tutorial of how to use Facebook

Step 1: Once you have opened into your internet browser you will need to type in your email address and password into the required fields.

Step 2: You will then be redirected to the facebook homepage which displays your “Friends” status

Step 3: There is an input box located at the top of the page which enables you to update your current status which your “Friends” can then view.


Twitter is also a very popular social networking site which is highly available on portable devices and is widely used by celebrities as it enables the user to publish short text messages to the site which is typically messages describing what the user is doing at that current time. It has many external components such as place where you can upload photos and video.

Video Demo:

Playstation Portable

The Playstation portable is a device which has various services in which users can communicate with people for example Skype and Live messenger. The user would only require a Wifi connection to enable you to use it but the Playstation Vita has a 3G model available which enables you to be constantly connected.

(Demo Unavailable due to it not being released yet)

PSN Messaging

The PSN network available to the playstation 3 users enables you to send messages to your friends aswell as photo attachments. Theres also the ability to have a voice chat and video chat if you have a USB webcam such as the Playstation Eye.


Facetime is a communication service available to iPhone 4 & iPod users which enables you to engage in a video call with your contacts as long as the contacts have got an active WiFi connection.
The i-phone has two cameras on the handset so when you start a Facetime conversation you are able to view yourself as well as what you’re looking at.

Second Life

Second life is a virtual world where users communicate to other users in the form of a custom built avatar. Avatars can be customized in great detail so users have the ability to replicate themselves in the form of an avatar and interact with the digital community. Second life was made to replicate real life as much as possible and therefore includes virtual money which is spent on items such as clothes and houses.


Hotmail is a free email serivce which enables you to create a free Email address and then send emails. The service has an easy to navigate interface which makes it a perfect platform to send emails if you’re a novice user.

Step 1: Open Hotmail in your internet browser & type in your email – address and password in the required fields.

Step 2: Once you have “Signed in” you will be redirected to a notification window which will display social feeds from Facebook as well as notifications on upcoming birthdays.

Step 3: To send an email you will need to click on the “New” button which can be found once you have clicked on the “Inbox” menu.

Step 4: You are now ready to produce an email
You input the email address of the recipent then the subject of the message then the message contents.

The first one is meebo; meebo is a popular web IM, This online instant messaging service works with AIM, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, MSN, GTalk, ICQ, Jabber, and even Flixster.

Meebo offers group chat and also has a great mobile version (for iPhones). Meebo supports file-sharing, video chat, and much more. My experience with Meebo was that it works best with Facebook chat, and is definitely one of the simplest to use. It’s also incredibly well-funded, which means it’s likely to stick around for a while.


Nimbuzz is mostly making a name for itself as a client for your cell phone or iPhone but it offers a fabulous Web-based messaging client as well. You can make calls, group chats, send files, and do anything you’d want to do with an IM.
Instead of logging in each time to every one of your networks, you can put them all into an account with Nimbuzz instead. Then, every time you log in, just enter one username and password, and log in to all your IM networks.
Nimbuzz has a feature called Skype integration – nothing else has it, and Nimbuzz does it very well. It’s a great Voice over IP client, a great Instant Messenger, and good application


KoolIM is the niche-IMr’s tool of choice. In addition to the standards (Yahoo, MSN, AIM, GTalk), it supports ICQ, Gadu-Gadu, Xfire, Jabber, and more. If you’re a user of a small network, KoolIM may be your best – or only – choice.

eBuddy supports a huge number of IM services – MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, ICQ, MySpace, and promises Facebook is coming soon.
When you load eBuddy, it opens a new window for you to chat in. Your chats and contacts are tabbed, and there’s even a chat history for your recent conversations.
eBuddy offers a bunch of client versions, including great ones for your cell phone. Much like Meebo, you can also embed eBuddy directly into your own website. is a free community that encourages its members to share what's on their minds and make connections with others through blog posts, uploading photos and videos, reading and commenting on what other embers write, instant messaging and discussions in forums and groups.


Omegle is an online chat website that allows users to communicate with strangers without registering. The service randomly pairs users up into one-on-one chat sessions where they chat anonymously using the handles "You" and "Stranger".


YouTube is a web-service that allows anybody to post their video files and share them with other people. People can also comment on your video and post other videos to reply. People can also like or dislike your video and post it on twitter or Facebook. You get your own page where you can publish your own videos and people can subscribe to it.
Xbox live

Xbox Live is Microsoft's online service for gaming and content distribution for the Xbox and Xbox 360 videogame systems. Xbox Live allows you to play games against other people online as well as download demos, trailers, and even full games in the Xbox Live Arcade. You get to choose a nickname (called a Gamertag) which is how you will be known to other people in any games you play. You can keep friends lists in order to keep in touch with real life friends or new people you meet online you like to play with.

Wii speak

Wii Speak is a microphone accessory for Nintendo's Wii video game console. Connected to the console via USB, the device can be placed near the video display, allowing voice chat to be conducted with the entire room.

Video Tour:

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