Sunday, 6 November 2011

Website Project Review

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Project Review

In the production of our website for the business department we set each member of the group their own roles within the group such as “Team Leader”, “Implementer “and “designer”. Each member of the group was given tasks which would link to the website. For example the designer produced the PNG Banner & Buttons which were given to me to implement on the site. This process worked very well in the initial stages of the site but as the deadline draw closer I created the buttons myself in order to speed up the development of the site.

Our team leader did manage our time really well in the initial stages of production but a sudden drop in attendance reduced the work output significantly which caused us to become behind on our milestone schedule. I thought the way in which we produced he project scope was really well done as each of us had to complete 4 of the numbered tasked on the project scope which wasn't that difficult for me as all the section I wrote about were relevant to my role in the group.

When the documentation was complete I then worked on three initial templates which all had relevant features which we implemented into our final design. The group tested out each of my templates and extracted elements which they thought were good and what were bad. These templates were also relevant to the specification of the client and enabled me to see what elements of her specification were feasible or not.

I produced a site map on the project scope which I kept refereeing to when creating the final website design. The group compiled our thoughts and ideas for what we thought would look good for our main theme and our main theme was a black metallic theme which we thought looked professional.

Over the half term break it was my job to make sure the site had all of the pages working correctly and implement all of the external hyper-links which were stated on the “Site Map” I completed this task to the est of my ability and when we resumed lessons when we came back we only had a couple of days to gather some photos and video for the website which sadly we weren’t able to complete in time which resulted in us not keeping to our deadline. The additional week to complete the assignment enabled use the gather some photos and videos and implement them on the site.

When making the video for our website we initialy created a storyboard which we would go by hen shotting out video content. The idea was to shoot various parts of the college using various shots in an attempt to promote the college in a positive way. We compiled the video in "Priemere Pro" and published the video in .FLV format so that it can be easily implemented on the site.
So overall I think the project went well but the lack of communications outside of lessons resulted in us not keeping to deadlines and significantly hindered the final result.

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