Monday, 21 May 2012

Jobs In the interactive media industry

Q 1: Average salary for interactive media jobs, compared with average salary for IT jobs in general (12.4)

The average wage for someone who works in the interactive media industry is £37,000 while the average wage of someone in the I.T sector in general is £50,000 although the average wage in the I.T sector has increased by 22% from the previous year (2011) while the I.T sector in general has only increased by 5%.

From the statistics above you can clearly see that interactive media jobs are getting paid more year on year than the I.T sector in general.

Q 2: How many Interactive Media jobs have been advertised on this website over the past 3 months? (12.4)

The numbers of jobs in the interactive media industry which have been quoted on the I.T job watch website in the last 3 months are 34 which is a slight increase from the previous year but significantly less than the amount which were quoted in 2010.


How many of these jobs were likely to have been junior positions? (12.4)

From the listings I can identify about 9 jobs which are possible junior positions while the others seem to be experienced or senior job roles.

Q4: Which parts of the UK have the most jobs? (12.4)

From the map view it seems that most of the jobs listed are located in Central London and in larger city areas such as Edinburgh and Bristol.

Q5: What IT skills are most in demand at the moment? (12.4)

The most desired I.T skill at the moment is CSS which stands for Cascading style sheets which is a file which is in charge of setting up various elements of a HTML document such as the font, font colour and overall layout.

Q6: What computer applications are most in demand at the moment? (12.4)

The most wanted computer applications at the moment seem to be Adobe software such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Q7: Click on the "Find Jobs" button and see what comes up.

IT support roles seem to be one of the most demanded roles in the IT sector.

Q8: You might notice that many jobs are advertised by job agencies. What is a job agency and how do they make their money? (12.4)

A job agency named “Accenture” makes money by receiving a percentage of the salary of the employee the employer hires.

Q9: Explain what is meant by 'Permanent' and 'Contract' in the job market. (12.4)

A permanent job is a job in which you are part of forever until fired or made redundant. A contract job is job in which you assigned to for set period of time and given a certain task to complete in that time. A contractor normally gets more money while a permanent job is more secure and regular.

Q10 & Q11:

Find one job that you could potentially apply for. Describe it, and explain why you would like this job. (12.5)

Evaluate your skills in relation to this job. (12.5)What can you already do? What do you still need to learn?

One of the jobs which I think I could apply for would be the following job as I have experience In Databases, digital media creation & editing as well as a basic network understanding. I don't have experience in administration for Linux.


Besides advertisements, how else might you meet potential employers? (12.5)

Meet the employer in person or go to their official website and see if you can apply. Other ways you can meet an employer is through trade fairs or expos, you would basically arrive there with your CV and the employer may consider you.

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