Sunday, 16 November 2014

Interactive Display Research

One piece of software which I found on Steam called FaceRig I found very interesting,  after conducting some research into the requirements of making custom avatars I found out that it's very similar to the 3D output used by FaceGen Modeler which I use for my DAZ3D renders.

 The software requires the user to show their face in a webcam which is then tracked and overlayed by the software with a 3D character's face. This enables you to create interactive displays where you pretend to be a virtual character. A video on youtube shows an installation someone made using this software during Halloween. 

This is a technique I would like to replicate for my public display project however in the project brief it states that i'm required to use processing so will need to research ways in which I could replicate a similar effect using processing.

After testing the software it seems that Facerig tracks all of the movable parts of the face such as eyes, eyebrows and mouth. I would need to research examples or libraries which track such movements, I would then be able to determine if its a feasible task in processing.

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