Monday, 24 November 2014

Metaio Face Tracking

           An augmented reality company called Metaio has developed a piece of software which enables users to trigger various different interactive features simply by the software detecting a face. The software can import 3D models onto faces such as masks, glasses and hats. This feature could be used by clothing retailers as a way in which their users can preview clothing in the comfort of their own home. The software could be developed further so that it can link to a users social media profile simply by identifying your face, this could be used as a way to personalise shopping suggestions to customers. Currently there are simple interactive features such as links to YouTube channels and webpages. There is a video showing this software creating a 3D reconstruction of a users face which is an interesting feature which could be adapted further so that it stores the user's face and uses them in interesting ways.

These type of interactions would be useful to incorporate into my public display as a way to engage the audience further and endorse my own work. There is an JavaScript API for Metaio on their website which I  researched to determine if there is a way to implement some of it's  features into my Processing sketch however due to it being relatively new there was very little support available therefore I determined it wouldn't be feasible to continue with this idea.

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