Friday, 7 November 2014

Inspirational Audio Visualization

I have previously blogged about this visual audio visualization when conducting research into animation however now that i'm researching data visualization I thought I'll revisit this as it's one of my favorite visual animations and has inspired me to create a data visualization with similar properties as this. 

When analysing this video one of the most appealing elements of the visualisation is the effect of synchronising the music with the movements of the dynamic particles. The music has a sudden beat which serves as a trigger for a sudden change in direction for the particles however the movements of the particles during the majority of the song is seamless. The visualisation starts quite slowly however as the tempo of the music increases so does the complexity of the particle effects. 

The elements of the video which I would like to replicate in my work are the ways in which the particles transition into interesting shapes and colours. 

Müller, M. (2010). Entering The Stronghold | Audio Visual Animation. Available: Last accessed 18th Feb 2014.

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