Monday, 20 October 2014

Design Iterations Poster Feedback & Audience Analysis

Last Thursday we finally placed our posters in the foyer area of Weymouth house. We initially observed the movements of people entering and leaving the area to see which would be the best place to put the poster so that it would be seen by the most people. One of the most busiest areas of the Foyer is the Costa area which pretty much constantly has people queueing by it. The eye contact of people in the queue was either facing straight forward towards the counter or 45 degrees to the left and right. We initially wanted to place out poster on the pillars by the counter but the space was already taken by other posters. We placed one of our posters on the entrance/exit to Weymouth house in attempt to get people's attention as they left. From analysing the audience for an hour we would say that it got the attention of about 3 out 10 of the people who walked past it, when groups of people walked through the exit it would get the attention of one or two of them but this result did vary throughout the hour as people were in more of a hurry at the start of the hour than mid way through the hour.

The poster on the pillar was more successful than the poster on the door as the pillar was placed  somewhat central as you walk out from the stairs. Instinctively you look at the pillar so that you don't walk into it and the fact we placed it at about head height would ensure that's it's seen. We are happy with the changes we made to the design as a result of the feedback from other students, the larger font helped the text stand out at further distances and the darker blue on the sinking ship made it stand out especially under a dim light. We also interviewed some of the people who looked at the poster and asked them if they were from Dorset in a attempt to see if citizens of Dorset are more likely to interact with the poster rather than people who aren't, however the the results were roughly the same so no trends could be identified through that line of questioning.

Here is a floor sketch which illustrates the flow of people in and out of the foyer which also shows where we placed our posters and the areas with the most traffic. As you can see people mostly moved in between the two pillars and close to the Coste area.

From analysing the flow of people I would say that the screens closest coste would be the ideal place to have my interactive display as the display would likely be spectated by people waiting in the Coste queue and therefore might influence the people spectating to interact with the display themselves.

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