Thursday, 9 October 2014

Design Iterations Poster Feedback

Yesterday during the seminar we received feedback on our poster's and it was a split decision in terms of which poster they preferred. Some of the suggestions in terms of improvements were the font which some people considered hard to read at long distances. As a result we will modify the font size and placement so its visually clearer and easier to read.  There wasn't much feedback in regard to the contextual message of the poster so we will likely keep the slogans and imagery the same.

We also conducted some research in the area in which we will display the posters to see which would be the best place to hang up the posters. We analysed the behavior of the people in the display area to see what areas were the most busy and where people were looking when queuing for coffee, we also noticed that one side of the foyer was a lot brighter than the other side meaning that it would smart to place the poster in the illuminated section of the foyer.

This research was also very useful when considering our interactive displays as some  of the Processing libraries which focus on the tracking of objects or faces etc are quite reliant on good lighting therefore I would take this into account when developing my display idea.

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