Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Contextual Influence of Project

The reason I created a crypto-system for my project is so the audience is required to think about their interaction with the project as it's not like a contemporary crpyto-system. The user is required to interact with the project in order to understand how it functions, I wanted to encapsulate a sense of mystery in the audience when they first interact with the display which I believe exacerbates the sense of success in the audience when they complete the puzzle. The cypto-system I used in my sketch I like think is quite unique and therefore unknown. When researching concepts for my project I randomly encountered the quote "The Cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.". I extracted what I perceived as the contextual messages in this quote and made me think about "humanities fear of the unknown".

I though about how I could convey the same contextual message in an interactive installation. The "unknown" aspect of my installation would be the cypto-system which is designed to appear alien to user, while the clear visual distortion represents the "hiding of the treasure" which serves as inspiration to overcome the user's fear of the unknown. 

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