Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Interactive Interface Design

As my project utilizes a different method of user navigation it's important that the user can receive instant feedback when they interact with an unknown navigation device or method. For example a user can very quickly understand how to use a device such as a mouse as the movement of the mouse cursor on the screen reacts immediately to the movement of the physical device. The mouse cursor moves in the same direction as the mouse therefore there isn't a very high level of difficulty involved in the use of the device and before long be used intuitively.

My project utilizes a navigation method which involves the movement of trackable objects. The objects would be tracked using a webcam and the object's positions would be represented on the digital display instantly. The user would know relatively soon after interacting with the objects that there positions are significant in the decryption of the puzzle due the visual feedback being provided by the sketches display.

I'm hoping that the this navigation method could be used intuitively much like a mouse however the tests so far undertaken by me, suggest that the webcam isn't 100% reliable when tracking the objects positions therefore resulting in a navigation method which isn't as immersive or intuitive as a mouse.

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