Saturday, 17 January 2015

Problems & Design Solutions

Problem 1: Project lacks sufficient difficulty 

Design Solution:

I added additional trackable objects into the sketch which resulted in a total of five levels of encryption for my sketch which greatly increased the difficultly and complexity of the sketch.

Problem 2: Display is static and unattractive

Design Solution:

The static background image was replaced with a dynamic video file consisting of visual effects which made the sketch visually more attractive. There's a also a separate background for each level of encryption.

Problem 3: Display lacks visual feedback for the user

Design Solution:

Originally the only visual feedback the user would receive would be the colour change of the lines drawn between the object's location. The sketch now utilizes a padlock system which gives the user visual feedback on what part of the puzzle is complete and what part is not.

Problem 4: Webcam light in Shoebox contraption generates too much glare

Design Solution:

Implement a separate light into the shoebox contraption which has less intense glare

Problem 5: Mac Mini in foyer space only has one USB slot, shoebox contraption requires two USB slots (Light & Camera)

Design Solution:

Use a USB 2.0 Splitter & USB 2.0 Extension cable.

Problem 5: Permanent smudges and glue residue on reflective acrylic surface

Design Solution:

Clean surface with WB40 to minimize the affected area.

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