Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Stages Of Decryption In Display Project

My public display is a basically a puzzle and the puzzle is made of 5 levels of encryption. Each of these"levels" has a unique background which becomes less and less distorted as the user progresses, the reason I implemented these into my sketch is so that they serve as a visual representation of that the user is progressing. This will hopefully result in the user wanting to finish the puzzle as I believe if there wasn't visual representation of progression a user might get confused or frustrated with the display

Here are the videos for each of the levels in my sketch.

Layer 1 (Start):

This is the first background the user will see and it's the most distorted out of all the backgrounds as it utilizes various distortion techniques such warping and blurring .

Layer 2:

This background will appear once the user  unlocks the first padlock, it's still heavily distorted however some of the motion effects used in the first background have been removed therefore it's visually clear that the user is progressing as there's evidence that the encryption is degrading.

Layer 3:

Layer 3 of the sketch removes an overlaying cloud effect which was utilized in the previous background which greatly increases the visual clarity of the sketch for the user. This layer serves as the mid point in the sketch so the user can visually see that they have greatly progressed since the start however it's evident that there's still work to do.

Layer 4:

Layer 4 removes all of distortion effects which hid the background previously however the image of a "safe" represents a "barrier" therefore the user would understand that there's at least one more layer to this puzzle before it's completely encrypted

Layer 5 (Final):

This is the final stage of the puzzle and congratulates the user on completing the puzzle. All of the padlocks must be unlocked to enable this background to show.

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