Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Mid- Project review

I believe my public display project has progressed massively in the last week and half. I think my sketch will be interesting and challenging for most of the people who interact with it as I think I've programmed it so that the sketch becomes more difficult as you progress. One worry I do have with my project is it's reliability, the project is very dependant on the webcam constantly tracking the objects.

As I'm currently in the process of building the "shoebox" contraption which will serve as the base for the trackable objects when I test it in the space, I'm unable to predict how well this shoebox design will function. However through testing using the "Trackmate Simulator" if the trackable objects fail to function correctly this would likely frustrate the user and would need to be improved in further iterations.

The way my project has developed since the start is that my project has become more and more dynamic throughout iterations. At the start the primary focus was the functionality of the project so as the project began to function as specified in the pseudo code it enabled me to focus on the graphical presentation of the project.

I believe the programming for my project is almost done therefore enabling me to work on the "Shoebox" contraption for the remainder of the time until the deadline.

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