Tuesday, 13 January 2015

ShoeBox Contraption Completion & Testing

 After I had completed the shoebox contraption I then went about testing it with my processing sketch. I placed the trackable cubes on the top of the contraption to see how quickly it identified the objects. It turns out the webcam has a build in zoom which resulted in the webcam not being able to track objects which are near the edges of the window frame. This meant the optimal place to put the objects was towards the middle of the frame.

The objects weren't detected by the webcam as quickly I would of hoped and there certain spaces where the glare off the glass base  is too intense that the webcam cant see the trackable tag.

During a long period of testing I was able to complete four of the five encryptions on my sketch however due to the glare issue I was unable to generate the required distance to complete the final encryption.

  My next task is to try and solve this glare issue with the light as this glare is restricting the amount of space on the frame therefore making it almost impossible to complete the encyption puzzles with the current distance values. Failure to solve the glare issue would result in me needing to change the distance values in the sketch as I need to test my project in the foyer space sometime this week.

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