Tuesday, 2 December 2014

FaceGen Character Creation Tutorial


In this tutorial I will guide you through how to create a 3D custom character using FaceGen and DAZ3D.


Reality 2.0 (For DAZ3D renders) http://preta3d.com/reality-2-0/

1.    Open FaceGen Modeller

2.    Select “PhotoFit” from the menu

 3.    Click “Next”  and then click Load where the frontal image is displayed

  4.    Select a relatively high quality frontal face image of your character

5.    Once you have selected your image click next

6. Now you need to assign feature points to the correct parts of your character’s face. During this step you only need to place the feature points roughly where their supposed to go as you will get another opportunity to perfectly place the feature points once you click next

 7.    You can now see that your frontal image has zoomed in. This gives you the opportunity to place the feature points more accurately. This is useful if you’re working with larger images such as a full body image.

8.    Once you are happy with the placement of the feature points click next. During step 4: it’s recommended that you tick the preserve facial hair box when creating Male characters.

9.    Your character should now be generated. From personal experience the higher the quality of the frontal image the better the overall results. 

10.    You now need to save the face, click on File > Save As. Ensure you save it somewhere you can find it.

11.    Once the face is saved you now need to open up FaceGen Exporter

12.    FaceGen Exporter is very simple all you need to do is click on the large dotted button and find the face you just saved. (Should be a FG file) Also enter a name for your morph (face). Then click “Create export files”.

13.    Once you click “Create Export Files” you will be displayed with the following instructions which you will refer to later.

14.     Now open DAZ3D

15.    You need to go to “Content Library” at the right of the screen and find “Figures”.

16.    You now want to find the “DAZ People” dropdown menu  and double click on “Basic Male”

17.     The model should then load onto the stage.

18.    You now need to right click onto the model’s face and select “Genesis”:”Head”.

 19.    With the head now selected you need to go the “Shaping” panel located at the left of the screen.

20.    With the shaping panel selected you now need to click on “Head” which is under the “Genesis” panel.

21.    Scroll down until you find the name of the morph you named in FaceGen Exporter.

22.    Swipe the slider to the right so its value is 1.00. The character should now have the head shape of your character.

23.    We now need to apply the face texture to the model, to do this we need to click on the “Surface (Color)” panel

24.    Click on the “Genesis” panel and you should see the following. Ensure that all sections are highlighted in yellow as seen in image below and change the UV Set to “Genesis Male”

 25.    You now need to find the Daz3D textures folder in its install directory. (Here’s my directory)

26. Open the folder for you character and you should have something like this.

 27.    Apply the textures as recommended by FaceGen Exporter

For example all of the yellow sections are numbered 1 so they would use the texFace texture.

28; Your character should look similar to that of the one in the image below.

29.    You can right click on the character and select genesis to highlight the whole body, you can now edit the body in the shaping panel to change the body shape.

30.    You can now animate or pose your character using the “Pose & Animate” panel or add clothing and hair etc. You can also export your figure to Zbrush to add details or simply export it as .obj and work with it elsewhere.

Useful Video for using DAZ3D characters in Unity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY-uWb3q3W8

Reality 2.0 Render 

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