Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Updated Pseudo Code

Due to almost completing the code mentioned in my previous pseudo code post I believe its important it becomes more complex. Getting the functionality mentioned in the previous pseudo code to work was an important learning experience for me however I personally believe its not sophisticated enough to be challenging for the public.

The new method I'm proposing involves the same "if" statement method used in the previous pseudo code however the statements will be made "true" based on the distances between each object instead of their individual positions on the grid.

This results in the user needing to position objects certain distances between the other objects in order to decrypt the puzzle and as the puzzle will use five objects there are multiple stages to the puzzle therfore making it more complex.

Step 1:  If tracked object #1 is between 140 & 160 distance from object#2 , KeyUnlock1= true

Step 2: If tracked object #2  is between 170 & 195 distance from object#1 , KeyUnlock2= true

Step 3: If tracked object #3  is between 245 & 265 distance from object#1 , KeyUnlock3= true

Step 4:If tracked object #2  is between 155 & 170 distance from object#3 , KeyUnlock4= true

Step 5:If tracked object #4  is between 620 & 660 distance from object#5 , KeyUnlock5= true

Step 6: While KeyUnlock1 = true
      loadImage= Unlocked1.PNG
      loadImage= Locked1.PNG

Step 7: While KeyUnlock2 = true
       loadImage= Unlocked2.PNG
      loadImage= Locked2.PNG

Step 8: While KeyUnlock3 = true
       loadImage= Unlocked3.PNG
      loadImage= Locked3.PNG

Step 9: While KeyUnlock4 = true
       loadImage= Unlocked4.PNG
      loadImage= Locked4.PNG

Step 10: While KeyUnlock1 + KeyUnlock2 + KeyUnlock3 + KeyUnlock4  + KeyUnlock5 = true
            loadImage= Unlocked5.PNG
           Make background image is clear andnot distorted.

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