Monday, 29 December 2014

Display Project Progress Update

Today I have been able to create a 3 part encryption system made of multiple If statements.  At the moment it's coded so that the background turns green when all three trackable objects are at the correct distances from each other. The way i've coded this is by linking each object to a boolean variable which basically gives the user visual clarification when they have solved a part of the puzzle. This visual clarification would notify the audience that they should move onto the next part of the puzzle.  Here is the source code I used in order to make the screen once all three parts are solved.

At the moment the prototype is only coded so that it measures the distance between objects 1 & 2, 1 & 3 and 1& 4. This results in one object ultimately linking too one.

I plan to make the puzzle more complex by generating more links and measuring the total distances of two objects instead of just one, this would result in the sketch looking much more sophisticated as the movement of one object would affect the distance of other objects. By programming more rules into the sketch I mitigate possible loopholes which could be exploited by the audience and as the primary concept of this piece is encryption it's important there aren't any loopholes.

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