Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Testing Functionality

Due to my project depending on the constant tracking of five objects it's important I find a suitable way of ensuring that all objects remain tracked when the audience interacts with my display. Initially testing of the trackmate tags found that they are hard to detect in the dark and the camera also has trouble detecting them if the tags are printed too small or too large.

The image below is of me testing the tags using the trackmate tracker. From these tests it's seems that the optimal distance from the tags to the camera is about arms length which approximately 2 feet.

However the optimal distance for the smaller tags was much shorter approximately 1 foot. This was an important test as the size of the tags may be significant when I test my project in the foyer space.

An alternative would be remove the need for the user to lift the taggable objects by creating a contraption like this;

The shoebox design basically means the user would need to just slide the objects across a reflective surface as the camera located inside the shoebox would track the tags which would be stuck on the bottom of the objects. Creating a contraption like this would likely be the best method as it would ensure that the objects remain a fixed distance from the camera.

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