Monday, 8 December 2014

Follow Up Of Previous Post

In my previous post I stated that some of the new features available in the reality 4 plugin would make it relatively easy to produce the special effects seen in the "Die Another Day" and "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" intro sequences. In the examples seen below I used gold metal texture for one of them and a mirror glass texture for the other.

Replaced the default skin map with a hammered gold texture

Replaced the default skin map with a mirror texture

The IBL lighting method has worked really well with the use of these textures as the background colours are reflecting off the texture. The mirrored texture has produces a pretty effective camouflage effect similar to that seen in the "Predator" Movie however I would need to adjust the transparency to produce something more accurate but it's feasible.

The ways I could develop my 3D modelling would be to learn how to produce my own IBL images which I could use on my renders as this lighting method seems to produce great results.

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