Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Processing Project: Padlock System

I have now been able to implement a padlock system into my sketch, I added this as an additional way of giving the user visual feedback on their progress. There is a total of six versions of the padlock image, the image changes as the user gets closer to completing the sketch. The ways in which I plan to develop this further is by improving the presentation of the sketch as parts of the sketch aren't very easy to see mainly due to colours blending into other colours and overall not looking very attractive which will likely deter people from interacting with it in the foyer.

The padlock system is very similar to the if statement method I used previously when making the background turn green on the puzzle's completion.This time I have implemented this method in increments as seen in the code below.

By coding it this way the background image will change every time boolean variables turn "true" this gives the impression  of a multi part puzzle or a combination lock which is a form of encryption.

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