Sunday, 14 December 2014

Processing Progress Update

To speed up the code testing progress for this project I've chosen to use a Trackmate simulator which enables me to test the functionality of the code without needing to use my webcam which would take longer however the disadvantages to using a simulator is that it doesn't enable me to test how the display would function with the actual physical objects being moved however I will be sure to conduct these further in the development when i've made significant progress.

The progress i've made with the code is that i've implemented an if statement which causes the background the change colour if the two objects are a certain distance from each other. This distance tracking technique is what i'm going to use as the method of decryption however i'll be creating "if " statements which track distances between four objects instead of just two. This method enables me to increment and decrement the values which improve or hinder the clarity of the background image which can be used by the user to determine if they are getting close to solving the puzzle.

My next step is to implement the image I want encrypted and apply filters to it, once i've done that I will start implementing more if statements.

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