Wednesday, 26 February 2014

1 Day Project #2

For the next one day project i'm required to make a photo-alphabet. Since receiving the task I have been scanning around various locations looking for objects and framings which would make up the shape of a letter. The minimal requirement is to shoot photos which make up your name.

A very useful I've found when conducting research into photo-alphabet compositions was which enabled me to understand how you can identify shapes in almost anything , you just need to change your perception.

It also gave me inspiration and ideas into what sort of camera effect I should apply to my shots as all of the shots on this site are in sepia. however I personally believe that this effect sometimes hinders the shot as the focal point may be established clearer color.

One of the photographers I researched for this task was Koende Muynck who is a Belgian Photographer. I Koende's landscape photos as I found the way in which establishes key elements in his photos really interesting aswell as the abstract nature of the photo. Once I complete this task I will likely take my photos further and try and make them abstract like Koende's

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