Saturday, 1 February 2014

Channel Project Filming Review

On Wednesday 29th of January we undertook the filming process for our production. Every member of the group arrived at the filming location relativity on time and was able to get all of the equipment set up pretty quickly. Before we could start filming we needed to write the scripts for the videos which wasn't very difficult as the product descriptions I had made for each product had information we could easily throw into the script.

Sophie was our actress for our initial video and was clearly very nervous so we were required to re take her scenes several time however we did in the end get a take we were all happy with.

I was in charge of the audio for our shoot and basically had to hold up the boom mic during the shoots. Alex was in charge of operating the camera and did a very good job throughout the shoot. Lauren was our director and also helped produce the scripts.

I overall think our shoot went pretty well however I think the filming process could of been done a lot quicker if we had produced storyboards and script before the shoot as the 3 videos took 6 hours to complete.

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