Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Mini Animation Project

I have been assigned the task of creating a very short animation which requires accompanying sound which must somewhat synchronize together. This has initially confused me in which way to start his project, should I start with the audio or animation first? After reviewing some of the helpful links which my lecturer attached to an email I'm pretty sure i'll start with the audio as i'm pretty sure that's what they did in the some of the music videos I've watched.

Simon Perkins. (2011). "Music video revision of Oskar Fischinger's Komposition in 
Blau". Available: http://folksonomy.co/?keyword=20269. Last accessed 18th Feb 2014.

I have had quite a bit of experience with flash animation so I shouldn't be hindered by the software.

I undertook some of my own interdependent research and found some really good visual animations such as this: Video.

Matthias Müller. (2010). Entering The Stronghold | Audio Visual Animation. Available: http://matthiasm.de/. Last accessed 18th Feb 2014.

This visual animation uses 3D particle effects created in Adobe After Effects which I would really like to try and make afterwards. I will be required to install an after effects plug in which will enable me to create similar particle effects as the creator.

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