Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Portfolio website update

I'm satisfied with the home page I created for my portfolio and I'm now in the process of designing the "my work" page and I think I'll have my work dynamic scroll horizontally. This would make the page seem less crowded and is easy for the user to navigate the page contents. I'm pretty happy with my current workflow which initially starts with me creating a page mockup on Photoshop and then importing individual graphic elements into Flash CC. This enabled me to convert graphical elements into dynamic symbols such as movie clips and buttons. I'm hoping to create my own image gallery which will function much like a scroll gallery where the central item will reveal more information and then the information will be hidden as you highlight another item, this will ensure that the content isn't cluttered and the user doesn't have to scan the page for different information, everything of interest will be presented centrally. In the feedback I received the feedback suggested that I have less pages in my website so to acknowledge this feedback I'm planning on having the CV and portfolio content on a single page and the contact and blog link on another so my website consists of 3 pages.

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