Thursday, 20 February 2014

Mini Animation Project Progress

I have somewhat completed my 15 second animation and am happy to present it on Thursday. I created a small piece of music in a piece of software called StageLight, this software enabled me to create a simple tune using a various selection of digital instruments. I developed my animation with the concept of repetition in mind as I wanted an element of the stage to somewhat synchronize visually to the audio which also has elements of repetition in the form of a drum beat.

 However this visual repetition gets boring rather quickly so the role of background shapes is to introduce an interdependent dynamic element to the stage which refreshes the audience's interest with every new dynamic shape. This technique of breaking away from repetition is also applied to the audio as I change the instruments performing the song's verse this is also a technique I applied to my work in an attempt to make my visual audio animation more interesting.

Melissa Yocum. Rhythm/Movement. Available: Last accessed 17th Feb 2014.

My inspiration for this animation was a music video which was animated by Oskar Fischinger in his animation he used a series of simple shapes moving dynamically with the beat of the music.
The Elfriede Fischinger Trust. (2013). The Fischinger Trust. Available: Last accessed 16th Feb 2014.

 I tried the replicate his unique visual technique in my animation however I don't think I was able to successfully synchronize the physical movement of the shapes with the beat of the music. I will try and improve my animation so that it correctly synchronizes. 

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