Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Photo-Alphabet Art board

Here is a quick art-board I've created in Photoshop from today's shooting. I think I found some pretty good shapes, I plan on scouting some other locations on Portland for other shapes.

This task has really made me re-think the way in which I see things in the environment and how simple things such as lighting and camera angle can change the way in which the photo is interpreted by the audience.

The photos i'm particularly happy with are the "W" and "I" letters which I took several times in different angles however the other angles I tried didn't highlight the desired letter as well as the final photos did.

While testing out some of the settings on the camera I noticed that color has very significant role in highlighting certain objects in a shot for example in the "V" photo the audience would of got distracted by the blue of the sky or the green of the plant in the background but by grey scaling the background and just having the primary object in color it directs the attention of the audience.

 I decided to replicate this process after seeing it in an online tutorial as the tutorial described this as a useful technique when trying to justify the focal point of the image.

Wendy Russel. (2014). Sample of Grayscale and Color Picture Combination on PowerPoint Slide. Available: Last accessed 26th, Feb 2014.

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