Saturday, 22 March 2014

3D Collaborative Project Result and Review

I tasked myself with trying to create a 3D composition which utilized various 3D software. I decided to create a Kirby looking character in Sculptris and then export him over to 3DS MAX where I made the rest of the composition.

The shape wasn't very complex to make as the sculpturing tools used in this software I found rather easy to use and there's only nine tools to learn. I initially started with sphere shape then inflated the side of it to make his arm. This software has a line of symmetry active as default so it enabled everything to look the same either side of my model, this is a very useful feature when modeling complex symmetrical shapes such as faces.

The whole reason for this software collaborative project is for me to see if this is viable workflow for me to use in the future, as I'm expecting that some things will be lost when I export it to 3DS MAX.

Overall the export was pretty good and my mesh looked pretty much the same as it did in Sculptris however one thing which I did notice didn't carry over was the material I assigned it in Sculptris. As you can see below I've applied a gold texture to my Kirby model however in following image which shows the model exported into 3DS MAX you can see that the material is lost.

Now that I successfully imported my model into 3DS MAX, I  then create a 3D background using 3DS MAX tools which will be to scale with my Kirby Model.

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