Sunday, 16 March 2014

After Effects Project 2 Description & Analysis

After working with after effects when making the typography project i've decided to expand on what i've learnt by attempting to make a more advanced composition.

While browsing the web for useful tutorials I came across the site Video Copilot which had lots of interesting tutorials. One tutorial which got my focus was the Translucent Glass tutorial which I thought would look good as a video background on my portfolio. 

 Cramere (2013) uses various technique techniques in his composition which give the visual impression that the text in his composition is behind a solid glass texture. However his composition is filled with lots of objects with their own light emission and most of the objects have been converted to 3d objects meaning that when the virtual camera rotates around the focal object reflections pass through the text differently than if it was a static 2D object.

The text in the composition is duplicated and lined up very close to each other however one version of the text is heavily blurred to give a thick glaze effect to the text to seem like it's behind solid glass.

I'm going to try replicate the process done by Andrew Cramere (2013) in this tutorial but change it slightly so it's suitable for my website. Andrew Cramere. (2013). Translucent Glass. Available: Last accessed 14th March 2014.

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