Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Completion Of Typography Task

I completed the 15 second typography task with relative ease once I was able to learn some after effcts shortcuts which sped up my workflow. I was initially working with one letter at a time and adding effects to them individual which was quite a time consuming process as It took my about 2 hours to complete 3 seconds of the typography. However with this in mind I  decided to approach the task slightly differently by just inputting all of the words within the 15 seconds on separate layers and not adding effects to them. Once I had done this I then manipulated the text in the timeline so that they appear and disappear at correct times in the timeline.

I then added key frame effects to various words in the composition for example adding a 360 rotate animation to the word "spinning" and a vertical animation to the word "Down"

Once the typography was done I could then add effects, the way in which I did this was by selecting all of the text by holding down Shift and then adding a effect from the effects panel which after a brief loading process applied the effect to all of the text. 

  This different approach to the task greatly increased the rate in which I completed the task and is a process I will likely repeat in similar after effects tasks in the future.

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