Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Development of 2D Music Animation

A few weeks ago I created a 2D animation which I synced with some music I made in StageLight. Which was very basic and had elements of repetition as well as dynamic elements. I wanted to expand this project and concept into a more visually stunning composition such as 3D rendered one which has a similar process of development.

I have now expanded this project into a 3D animation made in Blender. In Blender there's a nice tool which automatically synchronizes animation movements with the waveform of a piece of audio, so you end up with a perfectly synchronized composition. Each of the squares has their own audio track linked to them as the piece of music I created was saved not as a single audio file but as lots of different tracks (instruments).

This tool makes it perfect for making audio visualization similar to that of  Mathias's "Entering the Stronghold" piece

Potential workflows for me to use in future could consist of initially creating the audio piece in StageLight then import this into Blender and create a transparent composition which you could then import into After Effects to add video effects. 

This workflow would be good for designing a digital music video or intro sequence for trailer such as the ones shown below.

I would of developed this composition further by building on the Gesalt theory which states that people subconsciously put visual elements in categories made up of shapes which are similar. When applied to my composition this would suggest that its perceived as a single visual element which could mean that's its less visually interesting than the 2D composition. So I should of included various different shapes and effects to make it more interesting.

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