Saturday, 22 March 2014

Reflection on my work and practice

Recently I have been experimenting with various pieces of software creating mini projects which demonstrate my understanding in how to use that software however some of these projects don't really reflect my personal belief in what it means to be Digital Media Designer. When I develop a project I like there to be clearly defined narrative to the project and it's my role as a Digital Media Designer to develop a somewhat cathartic platform in which to convey the text of the project to the target audience.

This personal practice which I abide by is evident in some of my work for example in my Charity Flash Banner where the project's message is packaged in a digital interface which aims at conveying mixed emotions in the audience. The emotional transitioning in the audience is major factor in the design of the banner and it's technique I will hope to repeat in my future projects.

It's also very important for me to take in mind the ethical considerations of my work as particular topics may offend a particular religion or social group. Some other design considerations which I should take into account when designing a project is its overall compatibility as well as if there are any health and safety risks associated with the content for example any flashing effects may induce a photo-epileptic seizure. 

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