Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Importance of Title Design in Film Making & Other Media

After watching a video about title design  I gathered an understanding in how important the initial title sequence is to video productions. For a TV series it's important that the title sequence accurately reflects the mood of the production. For example in Mad Men the title sequence highlights some of the important elements of the show such as it's setting and culture, this technique can somewhat be translated for other media productions such as websites and logos as the choice of font can have a significant impact on how the media artifact is absorbed by the audience.
In the movie "Zombieland" the text which is used to introduce the cast and crew in the title sequence is also used throughout the film as a sort of narrator character, so the role of text in this movie is rather significant.

For TV shows such as Game of Thrones the title sequence is used to guide the audience through the setting of the series. The camera navigates the audience through a 3D generated map showing all of the key locations in the story. This title sequence adds a sense of scale to the narrative of the show.

The title sequence can also take the form of a metaphor in which the narrative of production is exaggerated in an illustrative way. This technique can be useful for introducing an audience to deep thinking drama productions as a metaphorical intro can aid the audience's understanding in the understanding of the subject.
An example of this would be David fincher's "Girl with the dragon tattoo" in which the title sequence was made up various 3d generated sequences which were suppose to replicate memorable parts from the book series.
So although visually stunning this title sequence would likely not be understood by an audience which hasn't read the book.

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