Thursday, 13 March 2014

My Introduction to Blender

I have recently started using Blender to create some 3D compositions, it took me a little while to get familiar with the interface as the interface looks a bit daunting when you first open the program.

It has a somewhat similar looking interface to that of 3DS MAX however navigating the 3D space in Blender is controlled comply by the mouse whole on 3DS MAX you have a mini cube located at the top right of the stage which you use to rotate your composition.

During my first time testing the software I identified one particular thing that Blender does much better than 3DS Max which is 'Text'. In Blender it is very simply to add 3D text to the stage and map to how you want it. 

I haven't been able to create 3D text in 3DS Max yet however the process is so simple and easy in Blender I will likely just prioritize Blender in my workflow for a project which requires 3D text while I would use 3DS Max to design more complex 3D objects such as houses or complex shapes as I'm slightly more confident with 3DS MAX at the moment. 

My next task will be to create higher quality renders so that I get an understanding how detailed you can make your renders.

During a workshop I was shown a short film which was created completely from the Blender software. Video

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