Sunday, 16 March 2014

After Effects Project 2 Interpretation & Progress

As I worked through the tutorial I got a clearer understating on how adding simple effects and blending options can change the way in which a composition is interpreted by the audience for example if I remove all off the effects and blending options from my composition it simple looks like cloudy text.

However when I add effects such as displace it gives my composition a rough pizxely outline which somewhat looks like glass.

Managing the opacity of your layers is also important especially when your ant to make a glass effect in your composition. In my composition I have various bright layers behind the glass texture in 3D space however with the correct opacity settings and blending settings I can make them somewhat shine through the glass texture which is the same as the natural process. 

To establish a focal point in my composition I used a circular mask which highlighted the center of the composition where the text would be. I also think that the use of the mask layer complimented the lighting effects as well.

So far I've managed to replicate some of the techniques shown in Andrew Cramere's tutorial.
Andrew Cramere. (2013). Translucent Glass. Available: Last accessed 14th March 2014.

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