Saturday, 22 March 2014

3D Collaborative Software Project

Now that I have some technical understanding with various 3D software I'm going to attempt to create a mini project which utilizes multiple pieces of 3D software. While learning to use the 3D software i'v learnt that some excel at particular tasks more than others. For example i've learnt that "Sculptris" is particularly good at making complex meshes and in my opinion is better than 3DS MAX and Blender in that particular task however Blender and 3DS MAX are better at implementing lighting and modifiers to 3D compositions.

I'm going to try and create a 3D composition which consists of elements produced using two different pieces of 3D software. This will enable me to test if this is a viable workflow for me to follow in the future as well as i'm expecting some problems to occur in the import/ export process.

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